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I planted my seed in the middle of October this year. I usually plant it the end of November but I wanted to see what happens when I plant early. I made 44 crosses and many didn’t produce seed. I also collect open pollenated seed from a few rhododendrons that almost never set seed. I also planted some seed given to me. Just because I said “yes” to whether I have seed doesn’t mean there was seed. Very frequently I will crush seed pods even when I don’t think there is seed and plant the whole mess to see if there might be 1 or 2 seeds. I would guess that half of the crosses didn’t take. I will indicate the number of seedlings when I transplant them. (“JM” is Jean Marie). 12/21/13.

12/29/13:  I have updated the approximate number of seedlings of each cross below.  Obviously the seedlings are very small and I won’t transplant them to flats for at least another month. I plant my seed in old fashion clay pots using screened oak leaf mold that I scrape off the ground in oak woods. I half fill the pot first with wood chips and then put the mix in the pot to the very top and mound up the mix so the center of the mix in the pot is 1/4 inch above the pot lip. I immerse the filled pots in water up to the lip of the pot  for 24 – 48 hours to completely soak the medium.  I sprinkle the seed on the medium and place the pot with the seed in a plastic bag, being sure there is 1/2 inch of water in the bottom of the bag.  The clay pot acts as a wick and draws the water up to the top of the pot to prevent the seed and the mix on top from drying out. I then seal the bag with a twist tie and place it under 24 hour flourescent lights. The lights are about 8 inches above the top of the pot.

2013 Rhododendron Crosses  PF= Peter Faulk  RC = Red Crown  JM= Jean Marie AN= Annanouri  HK= Howard Kuhn   32= Phipps 32 or Phipps Yellow  For TT numbers go to “selected rhododren seedlings” on the home page of this site.

2013 Rhododendron Crosses Seed? Seedlings #
Cross Number Background
13-01 Patriot’s Dream x strigillosum Yes 0
13-02 (Peter Faulk x Red Crown) x JM 0
13-03 TT158 x JM Yes 0
13-04 TT213 x Horizon Monarch Yes 0
13-05 (PF x RC) x strigillosum Yes 25
13-06 JM x strigillosum Yes 0
13-07 (AN x HK) x  strigillosum Yes 40
13-08 TT256 x strigillosum Yes 58
13-09 TT202 x  strigillosum Yes 12
13-10 TT178 x  strigillosum Yes 0
13-11 (AN x HK) x TT178 1
13-12 TT202 x TT178 Yes 3
13-13 JM x TT18 Yes 2
13-14 TT220 x JM 0
13-15 TT78 x JM 0
13-16 TT97 x JM 0
13-17 Horizon Monarch x (AN x HK) at GW 0
13-18 Horizon Monarch x JM at GW 0
13-19 JM x Halfdan Lem 0
13-20 Glow Light x (Naselle x Big Deal x  Pacific Gold x Dumper yellow x 32) Yes 60
13-21 TT170 x strigillosum Yes 0
13-22 TT170 x H. Lem 0
13-23 (Karen Triplett x Big Deal) x Glow  Light x (Naselle x Big Deal x Pacific Gold x Dumper yellow x 32) Yes 0
13-24 TT131 x strigillosum 0
13-25 JM x TT178 Yes 0
13-26 Dick’s Big Red x TT178 0
13-27 (PF x RC) x TT178 Yes 50
13-28 TT170 x TT178 Yes 46
13-29 JM Tetra x TT178 Yes 0
13-30 Pink Tetra x TT178 Yes 0
13-31 (yak x JM) x TT178 Yes 1
13-32 (Anna x yak) x TT178 Yes 0
13-33 TT116 x TT178 Yes 0
13-34 (Fantastica x Noyo Brave) x TT178 Yes 50
13-35 H. Lem x TT178  At GW lath house 0
13-36 Horizon Monarch x TT178 at GW 0
13-37 TT131 x TT178 0
13-38 hardy fortunei x griffithianum RSF 92-503 0
13-39 Horizon Monarch x Trudy Webster  at   GW 0
13-40 TT225 x Trudy Webster Yes 0
13-41 Phippa 51 x griffithiaum  RSF   92-503 0
13-42 TT142 x JM Yes 0
13-43 Glowlight x TT142 Yes 40
13-44 TT185 x JM 0
yak hybrid op at Key Yes 0
{(AF x Bud’s Yellew x Brazilia x   VW)} x [(Golferx NE) x (Crest x Macabianum)] GW seed Yes 30
Scintillation x yak op Yes 5
Phyllis Korn x Trudy Webster Yes 3
Howard Kuhn op at Werner’s Yes 200
Seaview Sunset x AF x ? Babylon GW Seed Yes 40
CONWIND X O MARM XOFF X 32 X VW X KT   X NESTUCCA  GW Seed (Who else?) Yes 25
Bracky x Max x Seaview Sunset GW Seed Yes 11
Brachy tigerx max or marm Percy W   vov 32 Safron Silk  GW seed yes 100

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