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2012 Rhodo Crosses With Qty

(11/10/12)  I know it is a little presumptuous of me to list my 2012 crosses as I have just finished cleaning the seed and have not even planted them yet but it does give you a little idea of my thinking. I made 68 crosses and only 22 produced seed. Some seed lots have only 1 or 2 seeds, others have hundreds. Yellow crosses usually produce large quantities of seed whereas red crosses are very sparse seed producers. I am sure that I will be able to send some seed to the exchange. After the seed germinates I’ll indicate how many seedlings I have. If you want to see the background of my ‘TT’ numbered plants, go to ‘Selected Seedlings’ on this web site. (JM is Jean Marie)

2/22/13 I have added the quantity of each seed lot that I pricked out. In general they look very good.

Cross #          Background                              Qty Pricked Out 2/22/13

12-01 Ellie Green x {(JM x Wardance) x (haem x yak)}     qty 50 

12-02 (AN x HK) x TT178    qty 3 

12-03 (Peter Faulk x Red Crown) x TT178   qty 150 

12-04 Harold Amateis x TT178   qty 72 

12-10 TT131 x TT178    qty 18 

12-13 TT223 x TT165   qty 150

12-14 TT203 x TT165   qty 7 

12-23 Pink tetra x (Super Nova x Very Berry)    qty 0 

12-24 TT116 x (Super Nova x Very Berry)    qty 0 

12-26 Tetra Pink x Trudy Webster    qty  90 

12-30 TT116 x JM Tetra   qty 0 

12-35 Yak FCC x JM    qty 9 

12-36 JM x Yak FCC    qty 27 

12-39 TT199 x JM   qty 23 

12-40 Scintillation x JM    qty 19 

12-42 (JM x Wardance) x ({(haem x yak) x JM)}    qty 4 

12-43 Anne Hardgrove x JM    qty 115 

12-44 (Margolit x Woodbench) x JM    qty 6 

12-56 {(TT96 x (Vulcan x JM)} x JM    qty 35 

12-58 Phipps 51 x JM    qty 8 

12-60 TT261 x Horizon Lakeside    qty   28 

12-68 Blue Yak x JM    qty 0 

The reason I crossed yak with Jean Marie three times is that I am trying to see if there is a greater than normal tendency for this cross to produce triploids. ‘Solidarity’, ‘Anita Gehnrich’ and an unnamed hybrid that Ray Kruise did are all triploids and are all yak/Jean Marie crosses using different yaks and where yak was used as seed parent and pollen parent. I have no idea how many seedlings were grown to produce the named plants or if there were several triploids in each seed batch, but only one was chosen. You will surely note how many Jean Marie crosses I made. JM has a tendency to produce unreduced gametes and I am trying to see if I can get some triploids that can compete with ‘Taurus’ and ‘Grace Seabrook’ but bloom at a different time. I also made several tetraploid crosses to see what happens.  These crosses produced very little seed if any except 12-26 which produced a large number of seedlings, all of which should be tetraploids as both parents are tetraploids. The ‘Super Nova’ x ‘Very Berry’ is a fantastic hybrid of George Woodard’s but as you can see produced no seedlings.